The REMUS particulate filter is an ingenious filter system designed to reduce particulate matter from the exhaust emissions generated by diesel engines. REMUS offers over 900 different filter applications for passenger vehicles, it is therefore possible to retro-fit almost all diesel vehicles with a REMUS particulate filter.

As a consequent development progression of the passenger vehicle particulate filter, REMUS developed particulate filters for trucks and busses. For such applications, the particulate filter was build directly into a muffler which allows easy installation. Furthermore, the REMUS particulate filter is also available for farming machinery and municipal vehicles such as road sweepers, snow clearing or even for stationary applications. Due to the huge comprehensive application range of the REMUS particulate filter, it is not only private individuals but also companies and city councils that can help to protect the environment.


• No increase of fuel consumption
• No influence on engine performance
• Euro 4 and Euro 3 diesel vehicles obtain the „green sticker“ after refitting
• Stainless steel
• Fully maintenance free


In the case of eco-tuning, the engine control is changed with the aim of reducing fuel consumption. Chiptuning is used to modify the engine electronics of the vehicle so that the performance characteristics are changed and a lower fuel consumption is achieved. Depending on the driving style, a significant reduction in fuel consumption can be achieved by means of eco-tuning.
The injection quantity, injection pressure, injection timing and all sensors necessary for the combustion cycle are continuously optimized. This results in an increase in performance at a non-increased speed, but an increased torque. This means you have the possibility to switch gears with your vehicle earlier and move on with a higher gear.


A large contigent of the fixed costs of a vehicle fleet is the maintenance of the vehicles as well as the enormous fuel prices. In order to be able to keep up with ever-increasing fuel prices, we have the potential to save money especially for entrepreneurs with a vehicle fleet.
Our know-how was demonstrated by numerous test stand measurements as well as by our long-term tests in cooperation with major forwarders, TÜV Austria and TU-Graz to back up. So trust our knowledge and let yourself be convinced by a test run with one of their vehicles.