The diesel particulate filter (DPF) is actually used to filter the particles generated during the combustion of diesel. This is not entirely free of residues. Ash builds up in the filter and leads to an increase in the exhaust gas pressure of the filter and thus also the fuel consumption. Regenerating journeys are necessary, clogged filters have to be regenerated in the workshop, the vehicle only runs in an emergency program.
In most cases, a diesel particulate filter is replaced. If a forced regeneration of your workshop is no longer possible, we adjust the loading condition of the filter for you and a new regeneration can be started again.
Diesel particle filters are not expanded, but are replaced, if necessary, by more powerful ones.


As a qualified workshop for software optimizations, we provide necessary documentation for typing upon request.
This is necessary if you want to have your vehicle typed at a later date.
Necessary documents for the registration of a software tuning according to the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (status 2002):

– Change in performance <= 5%, no authorization required – Performance change> 5%, requires UBS, WBS, L, P and has the consequence of E
– Power increase> 30%, requires UBS, WBS, A, L, G, P and has the consequence of EG
– Power loss> 25%, requires UBS, WBS, A, L, G, P and has the consequence of EG

A…Emission test
E…Entry into the type certificate or individual approval certificate
EG…Single permit decision
G…Noise (near field + drive)
L…Proof of motor power (power test)
P…Necessary evidence shall be established during the examination
UBS…Approval by FZG manufacturer or ZT expert opinion or other, suitable body
WBS…Workshop confirmation of a contract workshop