In most standard vehicles, the power of the engine is not fully utilized. Depending on the motor, chip tunings can achieve power increases of up to 30% and more. Modern turbodiesel engines, in particular, allow for significant increases in performance.
In our tuning database, you will find detailed data on the performance gains achieved by chip tuning, as well as information on the different variants and possibilities for the engine optimization of your vehicle.


About Software-Optimization

In general, chip tuning is a software optimization at the consumption engin map. This optimizes the performance of your vehicle and reduces the fuel consumption. We do not use any intermediate control boxes. We also do not use dubious optimizations from the Internet, we exclusively develop and control software.
If a new car model of a brand is offered to us for optimization, it will first be checked on our in-house TÜV tested performance test stand. As a qualified workshop for software optimization, we provide, upon request, necessary documentation for typing. This is required if you want to have your vehicle typed at a later date.


Diesel cars actually have everything that makes a modern vehicle today. Even at low speeds, they inspire with noticeable propulsion, they are pleasantly economical and impress with their durability. Only the sound leaves a lot to be desired.

The ActiveSound System from Eberspächer is a sound generator that, based on the relevant engine characteristics, generates an amazingly full-volume exhaust sound comparable to the pleasantly rich sound of large-capacity sports cars. In short – an automotive sound experience.

With the Active Suspension Control BLE, we offer an additional control unit for air suspension systems that are installed in series, such as the Adaptive Air Suspension, the Airmatic or the air suspension – a completely individual lowering is possible!

With our Active Valve Control, a module for flap control, you gain complete control over the exhaust flaps. It doesn’t matter whether you want to enjoy the exhaust sound with the flaps permanently open or prefer it quieter with the flaps closed.


Are you driving an electric or hybrid vehicle? Or are you considering buying a new or used electric car? With us you get the necessary service. On-board systems and the condition of the on-board power supply and battery are determined using a vehicle tester. The capacity of the battery is checked under computer control through controlled discharge. This enables a precise evaluation of the load using a diagram.
Checking the on-board systems
Computer controlled battery check
Checking the steering, tires & brake system
Replacement of irreparable batteries


Atelier MTR Design is a developer and manufacturer of body kits for premium cars. MTR Design has more than 10 years of industry experience, a rich portfolio and many satisfied customers. Through the use of advanced technologies such as CNC machines, 3D scanning and construction programs, MTR Design develops high quality styling kits.
The specialists analyze the history and shape of a particular carmodel in detail. Thanks to this immersion in the topic – the end product not only makes the car unique, it also complements it aesthetically. Give your vehicle an individual character with a MTR Body Kit.


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