Austria's leading
provider of motortuning
Many years of experience
with many vehicles and models
Specialized in the individual
adjustment of the motor control

About Us

CHIPFACTORY is Austrias’s leading provider of professional motortuning, for serial cars, racing cars, agricultural machines and trucks. They has a well founded know-how and many years of experience, with all significant automotive brands and vehicle models.

CHIPFACTORY has an in–house performance test banch, which gurantees an otimal adjustment and coordination of the motoring. CHIPFACTORY is not only one oft the leading service providers in the sector of automotive software optimization, of course they are also a specialist for ECUs (electronic control unit) Engine in motorsports.


In most standard vehicles, the power of the engine is not fully utilized. Depending on the motor, chip tunings can achieve power increases of up to 30% and more. Modern turbodiesel engines, in particular, allow for significant increases in performance.
In our tuning database, you will find detailed data on the performance gains achieved by chip tuning, as well as information on the different variants and possibilities for the engine optimization of your vehicle.