In most standard vehicles, the power of the engine is not fully utilized. Depending on the motor, chip tunings can achieve power increases of up to 30% and more. Modern turbodiesel engines, in particular, allow for significant increases in performance.
In our tuning database, you will find detailed data on the performance gains achieved by chip tuning, as well as information on the different variants and possibilities for the engine optimization of your vehicle.


About Chiptuning

In general, chip tuning is a software optimization at the consumption engin map. This optimizes the performance of your vehicle and reduces the fuel consumption. We do not use any intermediate control boxes. We also do not use dubious optimizations from the Internet, we exclusively develop and control software.
If a new car model of a brand is offered to us for optimization, it will first be checked on our in-house TÜV tested performance test stand. As a qualified workshop for software optimization, we provide, upon request, necessary documentation for typing. This is required if you want to have your vehicle typed at a later date.


Diesel cars actually have everything a modern vehicle makes today. Even at low engine speeds, they are a source of noticeable propulsion, they are pleasingly economical and convince by their longevity. Only the sound left something to be desired.
The ActiveSound system from Eberspächer is a sound generator, which generates an amazingly full-volume exhaust sound to match the respective engine characteristics, comparable to the pleasantly saturated sound of a sports car with a high capacity. In short – an automobile sound experience.


We offer the expert retrofitting of diesel particulate filters, SCR and catalytic converters.
Diesel particle filters are not expanded, but are replaced, if necessary, by more powerful ones.
We equip Old- and Youngtimer with state-of-the-art injection systems with lambda-controlled exhaust gas catalytic converters and knock control. Exhaust aftertreatment repair.
Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) Retrofit
SCR (Adblue) Repatur
Exhaust aftertreatment repair
Catalyst diagnosis and retrofitting
Old- and Youngtimer conversion


A modern engine control is a computer, which takes over the control of the ignition and electronic injection systems. During fine tuning the characteristics are adapted and optimized. Freely programmable control units are programmed from zero and thus enable an individual adjustment of the motor fields. These control units are mainly used for motorsports.
CHIPFACTORY distributes DTAfast programmable controllers, develops them and develops the software adapted to your vehicle. The control units of DTAfast are designed for rally racing, on the racetrack, or simply for ambitious car owners. The original control unit is completely removed by us and replaced by an individually programmed engine control unit from DTAfast.


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Software-Optimierung für Hyundai Kona

(Deutsch) Ab sofort bieten wir Optimierungen für alle Hyundai Kona Motoren an. Mehr Infos und Details finden sie in unserer Tuning-Datenbank unter Hyundai-Kona.

Software-Optimierung für Seat Arona

(Deutsch) Ab sofort bieten wir Software-Optimierungen für Seat Arona Motoren an. Nähere Details finden sie in unserer Tuning-Datenbank.