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Diesel cars actually have everything that makes a modern vehicle today. Even at low speeds, they inspire with noticeable propulsion, they are pleasantly economical and impress with their durability. Only the sound leaves a lot to be desired.
The sound system developed by Eberspaecher for the original equipment of well-known automobile manufacturers and especially for the series of the luxury class is now available for retrofitting diesel vehicles of various classes. The branded product Eberspächer ActiveSound is also the program:
The ActiveSound system from Eberspächer is a sound generator that generates an amazingly full-volume exhaust sound that matches the relevant engine characteristics, comparable to the pleasantly rich sound of large-capacity sports cars. In short – an automotive sound experience.


For the first time, the Active Sound System was installed as standard ex works by Audi on all Bi Turbo TDI engines with 313PS. The functioning of this system is based on one or two external noise generators (sound actuators). Very high-quality speakers are built into the sound actuators, which simulate a voluminous engine sound. With a diesel vehicle, you cannot produce a good sound with any sports exhaust system! Electronic noise generation is simply a must for good sound. With a gasoline engine, the system is the perfect addition for a great sound. Can be completely operated using the original buttons on the vehicle. No extra cables and no extra buttons!

Set up to 5 profiles individually in terms of volume, idle gas, sound and engine start accompaniment. Use the app to set how you want to switch these profiles. E.g. via the ESP, PDC button or via the driving experience switches such as ECO, SPORT or COMFORT, etc. You can let your car roar even though the engine is switched off using the DEMO mode. You can even accelerate using your mobile phone. Ideal for demonstrating the system. With many vehicles, this function allows you to use certain buttons on the vehicle to change the volume while driving.


With the Active Suspension Control BLE, we offer an additional control unit for air suspension systems installed as standard, such as the Adaptive Air Suspension, the Airmatic or the air suspension – a completely individual lowering is possible!

The operation of the previous model has been revised and a new app has been created. The connection is established more easily and the cell phone battery is saved.


Installation is very simple: the module is connected to the air suspension control unit plug & play * and it is ready for use. Like all other modules from Cete Automotive, it has been tested and has the ECE certification mark.

The original driving profiles can also be used to adjust the air suspension. The car is then set lower or higher by the desired change value.


Mit der kostenlosen App sind einige Zusatzfunktionen verfügbar:

  • Standard functionalities
    You can still operate your air suspension via the Audi MMI, it is only lowered or raised by the desired change value.
  • Audi Drive Select
    You can assign each Drive Select mode its own lowering or raising it.
  • Standard height
    You can use the APP to set the shutdown speed yourself, from which your vehicle returns to the standard height or maintains the set lowering.
  • Show mode
    If necessary, the air suspension can be lowered to a preset value using the show mode.

*An option for those who like it extremely: There is an extension kit to completely deflate the landing gear in show mode. 


With our Active Valve Control, a module for flap control, you gain complete control over the exhaust flaps. Regardless of whether you want to enjoy the exhaust sound with the flaps permanently open or prefer it quieter, with the flaps closed. 

Our module is connected to PlugPlay in your vehicle. In this way the original condition is preserved.


Following Functions are supported: 

  • Complete control
    possibility of opening / closing flaps at any time
  • Protection of the motor (safety function)
    full load Driving with closed flaps can lead to damage, so our module opens both flaps for safety from a speed of approx. 5000 RPM in order to relieve the engine.
  • Series mode
    Series mode possible at any time

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