Diesel cars actually have everything that makes a modern vehicle today. Even at low speeds, they inspire with noticeable propulsion, they are pleasantly economical and impress with their durability. Only the sound leaves a lot to be desired.

The ActiveSound System from Eberspächer is a sound generator that, based on the relevant engine characteristics, generates an amazingly full-volume exhaust sound comparable to the pleasantly rich sound of large-capacity sports cars. In short – an automotive sound experience.

With the Active Suspension Control BLE, we offer an additional control unit for air suspension systems that are installed in series, such as the Adaptive Air Suspension, the Airmatic or the air suspension – a completely individual lowering is possible!

With our Active Valve Control, a module for flap control, you gain complete control over the exhaust flaps. It doesn’t matter whether you want to enjoy the exhaust sound with the flaps permanently open or prefer it quieter with the flaps closed.